The goal was to create a website which purpose would be to educate men and women on women’s capacity to change the world. This is not a feminist website but much more a social platform where a woman can find a place. It does not hind the diversity of content and genders. We want to encourage women to build their dreams.

Why do we feel like we need to do this? Because women’s boss qualities are constantly teared down by other women and men. We need more self-confident girls, who own their mind, body and business, who will become entrepreneurs, for example.

Every week, we’ll post a “Woman of the Week” article. Because even if some women can be our generation’s controversial issues, we want to put some light on them and use these powerful women as a motivation for younger women to own themselves.

Women are able to be polyvalent, handle their societies, their families, their bodies and images. Take a look at the most famous girls on social media. Their versatility is making the economy move. A female entrepreneur will be able to create her own clothing line, to write a book, to model, to be a brand’s ambassador, to be a publicist, to be a QUEEN. They know how to use their image as a wave and to ride it.


Among the subjects we’ll deal with; celebs news, music, fashion, hip hop and pop culture, politics, relationships, society, etc. Everything that involves women and everything that women love. The goal is to create a magazine by women (they generates our actuality), for women (that means posting the content they love).

4 goals:

  1. To Aware: We need to spread our voice and to let people know who are the women.
  2. To Inform: Definitions, explanations, we have to educate and teach people.
  3. To Empower: No negativity allowed. It’s all about understanding and tear up each other.
  4. To Entertain: Girls wanna have fun! (and to sip some tea)

For each article we will post, we want these 4 goals to be checked. We need explained, detailed, sometimes long articles. We have to learn together, and to invite readers to change their opinion about the subjects we’re dealing with, if needed.


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