What did we see tonight on KUWTK?

The last KUWTK episode has been an emotional one. Kim Kardashian, who has been robbed at gun point in Paris last October, has finally shared her story to the world on a brand new Keep Up With The Kardashian’s episode.

Being around your family and people you love is priceless. That was the deep message of this episode. A lot of tears, cries, and a really supportive family and husband; Kanye West. We’ve seen Kim’s come back to her kids, and that was a lot of emotions. We’ve seen a mother, Kris Jenner, crying to the thought of losing her daughter.

A lot of details about her assault: she revealed thinking that it was her sister, Kourtney Kardashian and a friend of hers in the stairs and starting panicking after having no response from them. As she was trying to call an emergency number, the robbers came in and took away her phone. She let the robbers take all of her possessions, fearing for her life. She explains also being anxious and panicked because she couldn’t understand them and they couldn’t understand her. Kim even saw the concierge handcuffed with the key to her room in his hands, asking him “are we going to die?

One thing she was certain about was that she was going to get raped and killed. Lying on the bed, one of the robbers held her legs. That’s when she thought she was going to get raped, and was mentally preparing herself to that. Hopefully, the robber’s intention was to bandage her. After they took everything they could’ve find, they’ve put her in the bathroom and quickly left the hotel.

After her come back home, Kim felt mentally and physically exhausted, feeling like she “went through a fight“.

How many of us are humans, but when it comes to celebrities, heartless? Social media is for sure an illusion and makes us think that celebrities don’t go through things. Kim Kardashian has been criticized, and accused of faking this story. Hopefully this episode has been really transparent. We’ll advice you to check up the episode on E! Entertainment so you can state your own opinion instead of reading ignorant posts.


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