Recently, women all came together and marched for their rights, again. The reason? Donald Trump wants Neil Gorsuch as a judge at the Supreme Court. But his convictions and opinions makes us think that this is an anti-women rights that might end up at the edge of the Supreme Court. Concerning. Alarming.

If Neil becomes judge at the Supreme Court, he will stay in there for life, and will be a part of those who decide of the society’s changes. And let us tell you, that with an ultra-conservator judge with extreme ideas, it will be 100 steps backwards.

Graduated in arts and rights, Neil has a strong back-up. Those who raised 3 million dollars for his campaign, are those who voted against abortion, homosexual marriage, and weapons’ prohibition. Those who want all the changes the country has done, to fall down.

Anti religious equality-abortion-voting rights-healthcare-LGBT: Donald Trump wants this ideology to be the heart of his administration, and Neil is the perfect candidate at the Supreme Court for that.

Nevertheless, even if his ideas might be alarming, his words are worst. Last year, he stated nearby law students at the University of Colorado, that women use companies to take advantage of the maternity leave.

Thanks to Jennifer Sisk, a former law student who was there and wrote a letter to the US Senate Judiciary Committee, we are all more aware of who the next judge could be.

She wrote the Senate about Neil Gorsuch’s words. According to Jennifer, the nominee said that the interviewers should ask women if they’re planning on having kids with their husbands. That is a violation of Legal Ethics and Professionalism. It is restricting women’s freedom for the companies’ benefits.

How could you ask, as an interviewer, to a woman who has excellent professional abilities, that they won’t be hired if they’re planning on getting pregnant? According to him, in Jennifer’s letter, a lot of women used companies to get a maternity leave and then leave the company soon as the baby is born. Companies should be “protected against females employees“.

Crazy right? And if a woman tells the interviewer she won’t plan on having a kid, and then after she’s hired, she’s getting pregnant, guess what? The interviewer should use the interview as evidence to sue the girl for having “unlawfully used sex or pregnancy for a factor in a selective decision”.

That is crazy to believe that if elected, this man will be allowed to decide for women, and will contribute to the women’s discrimination not only at work, but also in their personal life. Not forgetting that he will globally decide for human rights because of his extreme opinions about equality and rights.

As we’re getting close to the end of the article, we suggest women to march, to stand, to speak, for their freedom. We should not let any misogynist, anti religious equality, man decide for us. A judge has to serve justice and not injustice. Don’t forget to talk about the movement, to teach your friends and kids who might not understand how important it is for the future. 




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