The @RoastKardashian account might not be that evil

There is plenty of Kardashians’ “roasting” accounts on Instagram. But one of the most famous on the platform might be @roastkardashian. And even if you’re a fan of the K-Klan, it’s always funny to look at this account.

A society based on illusions

As you understood, our website is based on empowering women’s abilities to be their own boss, and how versatile they are in their businesses. On one hand, there’s no problem, the Kardashians are. But on the other hand, they are also contributing to this generation’s lack of confidence. You’re checking Kim’s, Khloe’s, Kylie’s account, and you’re dreaming of having the body they have, or to be as beautiful as they look on their pictures. A lot of younger girls, are trying to look like them and lose confidence when they realize they won’t ever look like it. And the Kardashians are not the only one to convey this, a lot of models, vixens, etc, are contributing to this confidence destruction.

The account is runned by two girls, one is Dutch and one is German. They have almost 66k followers and shared 575 posts. You’re lurking on their page, and you’ll see old pictures of Kylie Jenner, Kim’s crying faces, close ups on Khloe’s face, proofs that their pictures are photoshopped, etc.

Capture d'écran 2017-03-21 21.09.14

Capture d'écran 2017-03-21 21.09.40

No hate

Most would see hate, jealousy, from this account. But scrolling through their timeline for months, we did not see any hate. How they are acting is just being realistic and making jokes. One thing we noticed that these girls do hate is when people lie and create illusions. They have no problem with girls changing their bodies and being comfortable with it. They do not only expose Kardashians’ tricks, but also other people lies. The main goal of this account is to show people that at the end of the day, we’re not that different from them.

As soon as you understand that everyone wants to look good on Instagram, everyone wants to be the hottest, no matter what, you will understand what people are capable to do just to being noticed. Some people want to have bigger lips, bigger hips, a skinnier face, etc. Some people just have the money to change it, some people don’t. That’s what creates illusion.

You’d think these perfect bodies, faces, are a reflection of reality: @RoastKardashian will tell you that’s not. Check these below:

Capture d'écran 2017-03-21 21.10.00Capture d'écran 2017-03-21 21.10.24

A self-esteem booster

@RoastKardashian is a real self-esteem booster. After you’re done checking their edits, pictures, jokes, you’ll simply end up telling yourself that at the end of the day, they are humans, just like every girl. They have ton of flaws that they are trying to cover up, like us. This account is exposing reality when the Kardashians’ hide it. They will say that they did a lot of workout to get their bodies. But how can you lose so much weight and keep a fat ass? How can you have a fat butt and skinny legs? How can you gain weight and keep a tiny waist in few months? Switch from small boobs to big ones? We advice you to check sportive girls who really worked out and you will see that it took them years to get the bodies they have. Not months, or days.

Capture d'écran 2017-03-21 21.10.39

Please ladies, don’t ever let Instagram bodies fool you. Today, a lot of girls are ruining their bodies to look like something that’s not real life. Of course, we’re all allowed to say that the Kardashians’ look good, if you think so. But don’t ever compare yourself to them, because we’re all beautiful. Accept your flaws, your imperfections, and don’t ever try to look like something you don’t. Women are beautiful. And thank you @RoastKardashian for the laughs and confidence increase.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelsey says:

    “Self esteem booster” they’re making the kardashians feel insecure just to boost their own and others self esteem. That’s just sad. Maybe the kardashians are insecure themselves and don’t want to come out and tell the world the stuff they have done to their bodies to make them feel better and it’s as if this account is basically attempting to force them. This is putting girls down, far from empowing. As a constant reader of your blog, I can’t believe you actually posted this.


    1. Lisa Kush says:

      I didn’t tolerate the stuff they are saying about them and I’m far from approving it. Do you realize that some little girls are actually believing that their bodies are real body goals? Do you realize how Instagram make people blind? Do you know how many million of girls hate their bodies because they look up to some grown women who did some decisions (which I’m all for) but are lying? I didn’t comment on any of their words or pictures. I just wanted to talk about the impacts that these posts can have on girls, who will scroll and then at the end of their scroll will realize that even the Kardashians’ are just normal girls who hide their imperfections on Instagram like we all do. Their account is just making it able to see. Didn’t say it was empowering I just said it helps to delete illusions from our brains.


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