Zinneb graduated in rights 4 years ago, and still can’t find a job.

A few days ago, the European Justice Court decided to allow employers to forbid any distinct convictional signs at work. It’s kind of an autorization to discriminate. Companies will be now allowed to refuse jobseekers because of veils of theirs heads, or kippas. “As a matter of principle”.

When he thought these times were gone,  that people were starting to accept each other, that laws were evolving, we today have the proof that, like Zinneb said, we did 100 steps backwards.

A heartbreaking testimony. Zinneb is a Belgian, muslim girl who decided to share her story on Facebook, to aware people on how laws can affect lives.

She has graduated in rights 4 years ago. Her dream was to become a lawyer, but the doors closed on her, when they told us she “would never be able to plead with her hijab on”.

However, Zinneb is a successful student. She spent 5 years studying laws, she fluently speaks French, Deutsch, English, Arabic and German. All these qualities, there’s no reason for her to not find a job.

5 years spent in college, studying rights and laws, she leave freshly graduated, educated, and after several interviews, the problem she encounters every time is because of her hijab. The employers want her to take it off so she can world. But her hijab, it’s her choice, her personality, her convictions, that’s HER.

“Behind these laws, there’s human beings. Like me, like you.”

The message that Zinneb wants to convey through this video, is that, behind every law, every decision, which are decided by other people, people that do not live the way we live. They do not live other people’s, men and women’s struggles. People who want to live a peaceful personal and professional life, who want to be able to work how they want to, regardless their look and personal convictions.

The decisions that have been taken, affect lives, paths, time. This young girl, who has a shining school career, is now waiting for people to change, to evolve. Unfortunately, we keep stepping forward, and stepping back every time.

We want women to fight for their dream, education, and conviction. In hopes of making this society a better place to live in and to succeed for all of us, men and women.


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