That’s how big self-made women are getting

Never in history there were so many successful self-made women than in 2017. Forbes‘ list which list the richest persons’ on Earth just got released this Monday. And off 2043 persons, women represent 11% of it. We’ve switched from 202 to 227 most wealthy women, and 56 billionaires.

Last year, we were 2,3% billionaires. Today, we’re 2,7%. 5 years ago, 1.8%. These numbers might be hard to understand but one thing is for sure: it’s in constant increase, even if we represent a small part. Good news!

And the richest women are Chinese and American, just like the richest countries are China and the United States. Really representative. China has more billionaires women (21), then the United States (17). 5-WomenWealthData-SelfMadeCountries-1

So Chinese women are the most bossy persons, even in a country with tough political ideas. Even if China is a really isolationist country when it comes to politics, economically, it is very opened. That’s the proof: the most successful women are in China. Incredible.

The most successful self-made woman: Zhou Qunfei


Zhou Qunfei is worthing 7.4 billion of dollars. How? Smartphone screens. She’s leading Lens Technology, an assembly company, which has Apple and Samsung as costumers. One year ago, Zhou wasn’t the richest woman.

Zhou Qunfei is followed by an American: Marian Ilitch. She’s worthing 6 billion and founded a fast food’s channel: Little Caesers which started in Detroit. The company is now worldwide and is the third biggest pizza’s channel after Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.

Women’s wealth has increased

1.49% last year against 1.68% this year. Since the beginning of the century, women’s wealth since 2001 came from 3 billion to 130 billion. An incredible increased, which is pleasing and terrifying at the same time. Who run the world? Girls! *Beyoncé’s voice*

To give you an overall view, women’s wealth is increasing faster.

CSWomenWealthData-TotalvSelfMadeWealthComparison-2You can check the details and graphics here.

Women who struggled to get where they are

These women are teaching us that if you want to make it, to be a boss, to be able to be on top of the scale, you’ll have to go through some things. And it might not be that easy to handle, but you’ll have to stay strong as a woman and keep going.


Diane Hendricks, worth 4B, founded with her husband ABC Supply, which is one of the biggest companies in roof supply. In 2007, she loses her bestfriend and husband, Kenneth. She received a lot of redemption offers, but kept the company no matter what. She went through the crisis, and survived with perseveration and a common sense of what is business. She diversified the company and now, she’s a billionaire. 

But there’s also those who struggle to get where they want to be and never reach it. With the recent decisions that have been taken by Trump, which are to forbid the access to certain Muslim countries, and some European countries who do not want to help refugees to join the country, it’s a disaster. There’s people who are ready to give their bodies and souls to a country, and nobody is answering their calls. These decisions could be the same as shooting yourself in the head if they are maintained too long.


Samira Kitman, a calligrapher and miniaturist, who has been solicited a lot in her own country, Afghanistan, has been voted “Business Woman of the Year”. She has her name in London’s and Washington’s museums.

Unfortunately, 32 years, full of hopes and dreams, she ends up stuck in the U.K, and nothing she can do about it. She’s waiting for the country to give her the refugee status. She ran away from her country years ago because of the Talibans. In her native country, Samira was living fully, comfortably doing what she loves to do. It was not for fun that she decided to run away. She was fearing for her life and decided to leave a country where she had it all, for a country where she has nothing.

Her dream was to become the next Bill Gates. But now, she’s living in a shared room for 5 pounds a day in England.

And even if women are becoming wealthier and wealthier, it does not mean that there is no problems anymore. Of course, that is really crazy, to see that women are now able to take the wheel, to launch a business. But what about women who are full of creativity, ideas, skills, that end up waiting for the Home Office to move? What about all these countries that, by fear, are stopping people to realize their dreams? Women’s situation is improving, but unfortunately, there’s women who won’t be able to be a part of the changes because there’s people who destroys the “American Dream” or even the “British Dream” for Samira, for example.

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