Here is why Amber Rose should be an inspiration for all of us


The other day, I had a conversation about Amber Rose with my friend. First thing she said about her was « she’s a slut ». Well, we all know that, LOL. I wasn’t surprised about the word she used because that’s mostly how women keep being called. I didn’t agree about her state of mind about Mrs. Rose, so I told her my opinion about it.

Later, she came back to me and told me « You know, what I find interesting with you, most of us would call Amber Rose a slut, but that’s not how you feel, you always reading the book instead of judging it by its cover ». I was flattered at first, but the first thing I answered was « Why would you need to tear another woman down? ».

Amber Rose has always been a role model to me. But some people really get it twisted with the word « role-model ». It doesn’t mean you should follow, do everything that person is doing. It’s about getting inspired by their path, the strength and the energy this person can spread. Making it as woman is not that easy, you’ve got to work 2 times harder than men. Why? Because it is mentally exhausting to get constantly judged and insulted. Some girls wouldn’t take it, being a target 24/7. Think about it.

Mostly half Italian and Cape Verdean, she started her career as a model with her unique bald hair style. Her ultimate dream was to get out of South Philly’s neighborhoods and live a life she always dreamt for her and her family. Guess what? She did it.
That’s what I told my friend. « Look at Amber Rose now. Yeah she might have been a stripper, she might done this and that, but that’s life. Everybody is getting through shit. Everybody has their own path. That’s hers. But now she is one of the most powerful women of our generation. »

Yeah. Amber Rose wanted to reach her dream more than anything. She started to fly all around America to meet people, opportunities. Using her charm and motivation to get what she wanted, she climbed the ladders step by step. Back in the day, Instagram wasn’t even born. Social media wasn’t all that. It means girls had to work 10 times harder to get known.

Amber has always been appreciated and known for being an extremely sexy and unique model. Even when she started to have an Instagram and Twitter and all that, we wouldn’t hear a lot from her. The question is why? Why did we suddenly hear about her even though she was on social media for years? If you wasn’t following Mrs. Rose’s actuality, there’s something you’re going to learn.

Because the world noticed Amber Rose had a voice. Ha! How disturbing it is for society to hear women talk.. It’s like they are not allowed to say something and that they’re forever condemned to smile, look good and shut up. It all started after her divorce with the love of her life in 2014. People started to call her a « gold digger », a « slut », « a whore » when they saw her posting sexy pictures of her, trying to rebuild her everyday life, trying to have fun living with a missing piece.

Of course nobody should listen to other people’s advices on your personal life, but in your times of weakness, trust me, it can hurts.

That’s the part we should take in consideration ladies, and look up to Amber’s strength. Because that’s the part she realized she couldn’t live like that, she couldn’t live under people threats and insults. She decided to stand up as a woman, for women.

Is life worth living when you living under society’s standards? How can you live as a woman if you’re constantly being teared down by other men and women? That’s not how we supposed to live. We’re supposed to stand up for ourselves, keeping our heads up, be proud of who we are, our bodies, and be proud to be women. That’s the message Amber tries to spread.

And you must have heard about what our little girl from Philly who didn’t have a voice back then. She launched her own Slut Walk.

What is a Slut Walk? The first Slut Walk has been launched in Toronto in 2011 after a police officer suggested that « women should stop dressing like sluts if they don’t want to be raped ». Sorry officer, just because I’ve put on this dress I love doesn’t mean I want you to touch and rape me. I am free to put on whatever I want, and to refuse somebody’s advances. Don’t tell us how to dress, tell them not to rape. That’s rape culture. It makes me think about this day when I was sitting with some male friends, and a girl with a skirt on walked by. Someone said « oh, she wants some d*ck, she might be a slut ». Nah she’s not, she’s just wearing that skirt because she thought she looked good with that on. That’s it.

And every year, women and men come together to the Amber Rose Slut Walk, to spread this message: women should be proud of themselves, their bodies, their femininity and their choices. A woman shouldn’t be scared to put the clothes she loves on by fear to be judged, raped, or harassed. WE ARE NOT asking for it. Until she tells you « yes », it’s a no.

That’s when Amber Rose started her feminist activist career, as guest in talk shows, TV debates, to universities conferences to tell her story, opinions and to discuss her involvement in the feminist community. And recently, she has successful ended the first season of her talk show « The Amber Rose Show ». A show where you’ll hear a uncensored Amber Rose, with unique perspectives of pop culture, sexuality, relationships. A woman who’s not afraid to take a stand. Something meaningful and inspiring you’ll need to see if you need some fresh air.

Besides her successful career as a model and feminist, Amber is currently building an empire. She has her own book, clothing line, shades line, management company, emojis, virtual character, and many more to come! And with the influence she has on social media, Mrs. Rose is also a publicist.

Let’s get back to the question I asked my friend « Why would you tear another woman down ? », especially when this woman is making millions no hand out needed. She started from scratch and is now, after years of work, a model, activist, publicist, entrepreneur and millionaire. Instead of hating on her, calling her a slut because she once was a dancer, look at the empire she built. Look how inspiring it is. And for all these reasons, Amber Levonchuck is a role model for thousands of women. Looking at her path and thinking that after all that work and pain she went through, she made it to her final destination.

Women have to work harder, to struggle longer and to be stronger than the stereotypes. We are still downgraded and underestimated so don’t be ashamed to look up to women some people would call « hoes ». Thanks to women who fight against judgements, we’re getting more proud and self-confident with our abilities to do big things. A lot of women, like Amber Rose, climbed the ladders by themselves even if people still hate the idea that we can do things on our own.

There’s why Amber Rose should be an inspiration for all of us, and if you missed the point, read it again. We did this article to put light on how girls are not only likes on Instagram, but also boss girls who are VERSATILE. This is the reason why we created this website. To put light on our versatility.

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